Classical Concerts, Music Festivals and Competitions

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April 2019 Feis Ceoil - The 123rd Musical Festival, Dublin, Ireland
Nancy Calthorpe Cup. Competitors were required to perform three songs from the french repertoire( Songs set specifically to French texts by French Composers). Choosen composers: Hector Berlioz, Georges Bizet and Francis Poulenc.
July 2014 18th International Competition for Opera singers - Orvieto, Italy
Gemellato con Concorso Internazionale Voci Verdiane “Citta di Busseto”. 19° Concorso Internazionale Spazio Musica per Cantanti Lirico.
May 2014 Tour of Germany with Filarmônica Jovem Camargo Guarniere (Brazilian Orchestra) – Project between Brazilian and German Luteran Churches
Travelling and performing in 12 towns, from the North to South of Germany. Soloist performance with Filarmonica Jovem Camargo Guarniere Orchestra.
Conductor: Daniel Martins
2013 Concert with Filarmônica Jovem Camargo Guarniere - Lutheran Church, Sao Paulo
2012 Concert for Leila Bahyer CD launching - Mooca, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Fraternidade do Amor street party.
2010 Classical concert - Estação da Luz, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Public performance in train station.
2010 Concert Tribute to Villa Lobos - Ton Ton Jazz, Brazil
2010 Participação Recital Paulo Mendes - Grande Othello Theather, Brazil
2009 Classical music recital - Fellowship Community Church
Old arias and songs from Mozart, Pucinni, Pergolesi
2009 Classical Music Recital – Musicalis Teather
19th century arias from opera (Mozart, Puccini).
2006 Classical Music Recital - Hospital dos Servidores Públicos de São Paulo
Old arias and songs from opera.


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2013 Você não Vale um Vintén - Ruth Escobar Theater, Bela Vista, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Adaptation based in two musicals: A Ópera do Malandro (Chico Buarque) and Cabaret (American)
Character: Vitória Duran
Director: Kleber Di Lazzari
2017 Hair – Ruth Escobar Theater, Bela Vista, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Rock musical.
Character: Hippye
Lyrics by James Rado and Gerome Ragni and Music by Galt MacDermot
2006 The Cicada and The Ant - Sesc Vila Mariana
Children's fable.
Character: Cicada
Artistic director: Gisele Cruz
1999 A Ópera do Malandro - São Sebastião Theater Hall
Musical by Chico Buarque.
Character: Fichinha
Director: Silvia Monteiro